Plastic imitate rattan and Straw

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  • PP, PE three four-color plastic imitate rattan production line

    PP, PE three/ four-color plastic imitate rattan production line

    Features and application:
    PP, PE three/four-color plastic imitate rattan production line features:
    – Extruder screw, screw barrel material: 38CrMoAlA, nitriding
    – Yield: 40-50 kg/h
    – Dimensions: length 8500mm x width 1850mm × height 1250mm

  • Production Line of Lollipops Tube, Refill For Ball-Point Pen

    Production Line of Lollipops Tube, Refill For Ball-Point Pen

    a)Beautiful appearance
    b)Fast production speed
    c)High automation
    The production is mainly used in producing Lollipops tube, Straw and Refill for ball-point pen.It is widely used in assembling various kinds of refill for stationery manufacturing factories.

  • Tri-color straw extrusion line

    Tri-color straw extrusion line

    JH01 series drinking straw extrusion line is a set of drinking straw production line, using polypropylene (PP) as raw materials, with the use of masterbatch, after melting, extrusion, shaping, cooling, pulling, cutting, then produce colorless, color, two-color, three-color drink straw. With the mold, or other auxiliary equipment, JH01 series is also suitable for extruding a variety of tube similar to the drinking straw , and such of sheet in small size, can be used with wide range of applications, for example: Drinking straws, Lollipop sticks, Coffee stirring stick, ball-pen refill, Cotton swab sticks, brake pipe and some pipe use for the industry.
    This production line is composed of extruder, die, cooling device, traction and cutting device, electric control part, and so on.
    With more than ten years constantly updated through our practice experience and development, JH01 series drinking straw extrusion line is the advanced drinking straw production line in the world now.
    Food industry: Drinking Straw, Coffee stirring stick, Lollipop sticks, candy floss sticks, ice cream bars, etc.
    Industrial applications: cartridge, pen, spray straw, cotton swab stick, medical tubes, toys tube, threading pipe, tube, brake tubes and other small profile
    Irrigation System: Micro-drip irrigation pipe, etc.
    Typical Capacity
    Drinking Straws: 35,000~45,000pcs/h
    Cotton swab sticks: 80,000pcs/h
    Pen Refills: 60,000pcs/h
    Material: PP,PE
    Cutting edge: 90°/90°,90°/45°,90°/60°,45°/45°,60°/60°
    Colour:Single, Two or Three, Sprial Strips,Straight Stripes
    Operator:One operator is sufficent to run the line