Plastic pipe production line

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  • HDPE double wall corrugated pipe production line

    HDPE double wall corrugated pipe production line

    1. Equipped with two high-efficient single screw extruders and notching machine barrel to ensure effective extrusion of different materials for two walls.
    2. Highly effective cooling system can ensure high speed production in continuity.
    3. Nitrogen treated moulds and adjustable wall thickness device can ensure production with different materials and HG degree.
    4. Corrugated moulds are made of precisely casted special alloys which can provide high precision and pressure resistance as well as good heat elimination effects.
    5. Advanced pipe end expansion functions reduce much investment cost and enhance productive force.
    6. The line adopts advanced Siemens PLC control system and large liquid crystal screen handling system, which realizes high automation, reliable operation and easy handling.
      Double-wall corrugated pipe is new-type plastic tubing with the annular ripple on the outside wall and the smooth structure on the inner wall. Owing to many excellent features such as smooth inside-wall, high strength, lower weight, corrosion resistant, long life, flexibility, easy connection and so on, it turns out to be a good product to take place traditional pipe and is widely used in city rainwater and sewage discharge, drainage of residential district and mining enterprise, low pressure water input of tap water and water conservancy project; Aeration system, wire and cable construction etc, gaining high appreciation from departments of electric power, postal service, city planning, water arrangement etc.
    HDPE Double-wall corrugated pipe has been designed and developed carefully in our factory on the basis of the experience of producing tubing equipment many years and the most advanced technology and manufacturing engineering in the world and it is a special processing equipment at national leading level. It has adopted the man-machine interface to control on the whole line with high degree of automation, easy to operation and running steadily.

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    HDPE Service Pipe and Gas Pipe Production Line

    The screw of the extruder is equipped with barrier unit and mixing structure, and the barrel owns new style grooves. All of these offer good plstification and mixing effect. Special design of basket die head for HDPE(PP,ABS) large diameter pipe with thick wall offer lower mealting temperature, good mixing, lower pressure of cavicy, and stable production.
    Special design for sizing and cooling system by using film and water ring to cool HDPE(PP,ABS) material, which can fit for the requirement of HDPE(PP,ABS). And the design can ensure the stability of diameter and roundness when producing the pipe with thick wall.
    Special design vacuum sizing tank can ensure the stability of size and roundness. Speed controllers are used in extruder, haul-off to offer stability and precision.
    The whole line adopts PLC control system and large liquid crystal screen, which makes the operation very convenient. The line can be equipped with another extruder used for extruding the mark line.


  • HDPE Spiral Pipe Production Line

    HDPE Spiral Pipe Production Line

    This machine is used to produce carbon fiber pipe which is made of PE and carbon. Carbon and fiber pipes have advantages of high pressure and corrosion resistance, high tenacity, prolonged life span, light in weight, no deforming, etc. They’re ideal substitution for pipes made of cast steel, rubber, and PE materials, widely applied in agricultural irrigation and drainage, wire and cable, vent pipes and gas pipes, etc.
    Application and Features:
    1. The production line produces all kind of polyolefine material, multi-layers spiral strengthening pipe.
    2. The screw extruder especially used for polyolefine material possesses effective plasticizing effect and high extrusion speed.
    3. The special detached type compounding screw and die head with structure and reasonable channel are applicable to produce pipes with smooth inside and outside face.
    4. Unique calibration and cooling mode is capable of producing pipe with diameter from Φ50 to Φ200mm, production speed is up to 0.4-1.5m/min.
    5. With Optimum spiral copper sizing sleeve, its entrance carrying pre-cooling and powerful vacuum device to suit for high speed extruding pipe.
    6. Stainless steel cooling tank is tree-dimensional regulation, longitudinal moved motor.
    7. High efficient cooling comes from peculiar spraying nozzles and high efficiency water pump.

  • PE_PVC Single-Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

    PE_PVC Single-Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

    Application and features:
    SJ-I, II type single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line can produce pipes for wire and cable, and drainage pipes of washing machines, vent pipes, lamp decoration pipes, etc.

  • Posts and telecommunications perforated pipe production line

    Posts and telecommunications perforated pipe production line


    The production line is developed by the company in accordance with the needs of the development of posts and telecommunications, a new type of PVC, PE porous jacket. Production line as the main raw material for PVC, PE, configure different forming head and stereotypical mold, can produce a variety of specifications types of PVC, PE porous sheath tube, the product has a high compressive strength, light weight, long service life, construction advantages of convenience, time laying jacket with sub-tube as one can be completed without secondary wear sub-tube. Products currently 5 holes, 6 holes, 7 holes and all kinds of square tube, can be adapted to the needs of different situations.

  • PP-R_PE-RT_PE Pipe Production Line

    PP-R_PE-RT_PE Pipe Production Line

    PP-R drinking water pipe system is adopted by many developed countries nowadays as new type product, which is sanitary, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly. It also owns advantages for heat resistance, pressure resistance, energy saving, and long service life.

  • PVC Double-Pipe_Four-Pipe Production Line

    PVC Double-Pipe_Four-Pipe Production Line

    The line is mainly for producing U-PVC pipes for wire and cable.
    It can extrude two or four pipes at one time, which enhances production efficiency dramatically.
    Each pipe is hauled off and cut individually, which effectively lowers unqualified ratio in pipe production.

  • PVC Spiral Hose Production Line

    PVC Spiral Hose Production Line

    Features :
    The line is applicable to produce plastic rib reinforced spiral hose (also known as PVC Sprial Hose), The level of automation and technological process has reached the advanced international level. The hose produced by the machine has the advantage of high strength, corrossion resistance, good running etc. It is applicable to survey air, liquid and pellet. The hose is mainly used in such fields as industry, argicultural, building, irrigation etc

  • PVC Steel Reinforced Hose Production Line

    PVC Steel Reinforced Hose Production Line

    Features :
    The machine is used to produce PVC steel wire reinforced transparent pipes. The pipe wall is made of transparent PVC plastic. In the pipe inner-wall, there are spiral steel wire. The kind of pipe has the advantage of extrusion resistance, corrosion resistance, static electricity resistance, anti-high pressure and good running. It is suitable for the conveying high pressure or combustible gas and liquid, heavy suction and delivery of liquid sludge. It is mainly used in fields machinery, such as chemical industry, building, irrigation and vacuum pumps,etc.

  • PVC_C-PVC Pipe Production Line

    PVC_C-PVC Pipe Production Line


    • This unit is mainly for production of U-PVC, C-PVC, PVC large diameter pipes.
    • Optional to adopt conical twin screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder
    • Supply formula guide and staple raw material purchase
    • Follow standard diameter scope as below sheet, flexible to user’s reasonable requirement