Washing crushing drying line

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  • PET Bottle Flake Washing Line

    PET Bottle Flake Washing Line

    This recycling line is composed of garbage separation (automatic & manual), bottle & flake crushing, cold & hot washing & cleaning, flake dewatering & drying, dust & label removal, packing, etc.
    1. High automation level, try best to reduce your cost on labor (especially for three shifts) and ensure high      processing capacity: 500_1000kg/hr
    2. Friendly control system (PLC integrated & separated control on each machine) and Touch screen panel, easy for operation, monitor and emergency stop.
    3. All parts contacting with plastic material and water are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel; Ensure no second pollution to flakes.
    4. Ideal impurity removal effect. Here is from our customer’s feedback.
    Moisture: Not more than 1.5%
    PVC Content: Not more than 200ppm
    Metal Content: Not more than 20ppm
    Label, ring and caps Content (PET): Not more than 240ppm
    Total amount: Not more than 560ppm.

  • PP_PE Waste Film Washing Line

    PP_PE Waste Film Washing Line

    1. The crusher adopts four groups knives design, the crushing capacity is 2 times more than normal crushers.
    2. High-speed friction and washing in dipping way thoroughly and completely.
    3. Screw feeding machine adopts high-speed washing and dehydration, fully multi-functional.
    4. Patent technical products feature in full and high-efficient dehydration.